True Grit

What is GRIT? Grit is having PASSION and PERSISTENCE. GRIT is having STAMINA to stick it out day in and day out. The women in our programs have TRUE GRIT.

The women rise early in the morning to prepare their household for the day. They prepare their children for school and spouse for work. The women labor in their garden to provide food for their families. Our women are often the ones generating the main income into their household-selling used clothing, soaps/hygiene care products, rice, beans or produce from their gardens at the market.

They truly are the definition of STRENGTH, DIGNITY and GRIT.


About Ashley Stills

Ashley is the founder and president of Breath of Life Haiti. Breath of Life Haiti is 501(c)3 organization with a mission to fight maternal and infant mortality in Dèsarmes, Haiti by offering a breath of life through providing prenatal and delivery care while sharing God’s Word and the love of Christ.

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