Breath of Life Haiti: A Holistic Ministry

I recently heard a sermon preached on the “Key to Effective Ministry”, though the context of the sermon was for a local church, I couldn’t help but realize how all the points he made should also be applied to any nonprofit that does work for Christ. 

The sermon began with a basic definition…

Holistic Ministry- Outreach that goes beyond simply preaching the gospel and reaches out to the whole person.  Demonstrating the love of Jesus by meeting both spiritual and physical needs.

 After working alongside the volunteers and staff for a few months I can confidently say that Breath of Life Haiti is a mission that uses the term “holistic ministry” as an action verb rather than a noun, thought, or theory. 

Breath of Life Haiti has modeled their methods after Christ himself and the outcomes have been awe-inspiring. Jesus himself was known for his powerful and truth holding sermons, but what got people to show up and listen? Jesus took action!! As said in Matthew 4:23,


 Jesus went throughout Galilee, teaching in the synagogues, preaching the good news of the kingdom, and healing every disease and sickness among the people.

People today and two thousand years ago heard of Jesus feeding the 5,000, turning water into wine, and calming storms. He used all of his abilities and strengths to draw people in and share the good news of eternal life with them. Similarly, Breath of Life Haiti is sharing their growing programs and services with the people of Haiti and drawing them in to hear the Gospel. Whether it be their educational programs, midwifery care, or any of their other projects Breath of Life Haiti is doing good works to open doors for the Good News of Jesus Christ. 


As Haitians have heard the news of our ministry they are flocking from near and far for birthing assistance, education and opportunity in general. BOLH is meeting the physical needs of God’s children in Haiti and creating an avenue through our programs to share God’s love with them.

About Hannah Fry

My name is Hannah Fry and I just finished my freshman year at Indiana University Bloomington where I study Nonprofit Management and International Development. Over the past few months God has blessed me with so many opportunities to travel around the world and learn about different cultures, organizations, and even ministries. From Haiti to Italy and Greece to India God has truly worked in my mind and heart and shown me what path to pursue for my future. In my rare free time I love planning my next adventures, hiking, hammocking, playing tennis/volleyball and eating! I look forward to working with Breath of Life Haiti and I cannot wait to learn and grow alongside this ministry throughout my internship.