Ayiti Bel. Beautiful Haiti.

Ayiti Bel. Beautiful Haiti. Wow. It’s far too beautiful to be “poor”. Beauty runs deep in the people, culture and landscape. God is working. He truly is working in Haiti. He truly is working in beautiful ways in Dèsarmes, Haiti.

Ayiti Bel. Beautiful Haiti.

The sunset in Dèsarmes, Haiti

Beauty in relationships. Relationships that grow stronger and deeper as time progresses. Relationships that grow because of similar passions. Jesus and life.

God's Word

Learning english while we study God’s Word.

Beauty in gifts. Gifts that may seem small back home in the United States. But they aren’t small here. They give what they can. In the resources they have and the talents they are equipped with. They gift us with fruit, thanksgiving from their mouths and more importantly acceptance.

Ashley Stills with baby Angelica. Angelica’s mother was in our pregnancy class.

They open doors to their homes to shelter us when we need shelter. They open their hearts to rejoice in the ways that He is working through us as brothers and sisters.

Yes. Haiti is far too beautiful to be “poor”.

About Ashley Stills

Ashley is the founder and director of Breath of Life Haiti. Breath of Life Haiti is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a mission to empower the people of Haiti through education; while fighting maternal and infant mortality by providing midwifery care and sharing the love of Christ.